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Optimistic Eyes (off A Noise In The Void) 

As the youth tend to see the world very differently, the future is generally bright (if they think about it at all). They see themselves as invincible and fearless, in fact humans only learn most of their fears when they grow up and adopt that sense of responsibility. They start to worry and become pessimistic about the future – and before they’re even aware of it they are old people they always said they would never become, complaining about their neighbours and restricting young people’s optimism and energy. Optimistic Eyes expresses the wish to stay positive and fearless by keeping the optimistic attitude of the youth. (Craig from Krugersdorp)


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Lucky (off A Noise In The Void) 

This song is a first class sing-along tune designed to make you happy (or lucky?). What sounds like an intriguing alcohol-infused hook-up situation could also be a reminder that luck and success are something that has to be chased and worked towards - it will not just fall into your lap while you sit around and get real high. Whatever it is, in the end it feels really good to get lucky – don’t we all constantly wish for that? (Robyn from East London)


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Cupid (off A Noise In The Void) 

Everyone knows the little Roman god who shoots his arrows and spreads desire, love and attraction over all of us. This song is a call for more of it - more love and affection for us in a world that tends to become a scary place as we read the papers or watch the news. Cupid is the thing that helps us believe that we can conquer all the evil that threatens our world, our peace and our relationships with a bit of love. So please come shoot your bow and arrows! (Jess from Joburg)


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Moment in the sun (off A Noise In The Void) 

If ever there was a song to listen to when you enjoy big achievements, new life circumstances or even just a little success, Moment in the sun would be that song. In the fast-paced times we live in, one hardly ever stops to enjoy the moment. We’re too busy and always focused on the next quest to climb. However, we live in the now, so we should take a moment to feel the sun shine on our face and sing along: Look how far we’ve come. We echo the voice of reason! (Johan from Joburg)

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Fables (off A Noise In The Void) 

Fables is an ode to the freedom of making choices. What are the rules to this game called Life and who or what gives us the answers to our never-ending questions? People discuss this matter endlessly, and even wage wars about it - everyone claims that their answers are the correct answers. But at the end of the day it’s our own choice, it's what we believe in. (Peter from Bloemfontein)


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A girl named Paris (off A Noise In The Void) 

This song plays with the old cliché: A sailor has a girl in every port. A term that sometimes gets attached to travelling business people, pilots and – yes - musicians as well. The playful and upbeat melody breaks into a slower and sweet bridge and confirms the feeling we get while listening to it: It won’t get heavy, but it does have potential for a little romance. (Hanna from White River)


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Rhythm of the night 

Reminds one of the up's and downs, trials and tribulations & happy and sad times we go through on a daily basis. Whatever one experiences, they find solace in knowing that when they turn off the lights and shut themselves off from the rest of the world, it's only the you and the sounds of the night that surround you in darkness - call it your happy place. (Kelly from Durban)


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Goodbye Annie (off A Noise In The Void) 

"One gets a sense that 'Goodbye Annie' refers to a vice/addiction that you may have and know you need to kick. Casting it out is always easier said than done as the enjoyment of it continuously lingers in the back of your mind. Like everything in life - making decisions are never easy." (Paul from Joburg)

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Vacancy (off A Noise In The Void) 

"Vacancy could be interpreted as someone who is looking for love but is empty and feels they have nothing to give in return for somebody's love. As in life, people are continuously second guessing themselves as to whether they are worthy of someone and ultimately end up not giving their whole self to them as they remain guarded forever." (Carien from Joburg)

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Swimming with the Saints (off A Noise In The Void) 

"A song about finding that one thing/person you want to go on life's journey with, whilst creating your own memories and stories that ultimately define your relationship. The title 'swimming with the saints" gives the idea that going out in to world with someone by your side makes everything a lot easier than being alone." (Sam from Pretoria)

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